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Cockpit Arts

"Thank you very much indeed for your major contribution to the marketing of Cockpit during your most recent freelance contract. You are a trusted associate of Cockpit; extremely capable and creative, and we have loved working with you. I do hope that we can work with you again in the future."

Vanessa Swan, CEO, Cockpit Arts



Shona Marsh, Silversmith

“Emma worked with myself and my assistant on our social media strategy and the ins and outs of managing our social media platforms in house. As a result we are much more streamlined and consistent and have seen a dramatic uptake in engagement on our social media.” 

Shona Marsh


Shine Group
“Emma spent time understanding who our target audience was and what we wanted our message to them to be. She then helped us unify our branding across our various social media platforms and decide where to concentrate our energy. She then taught us how best to use the platforms we had chosen so that our time was more effectively spent.”

Carla Octigan, Owner, Shine Group



Rowan Armour Brown Memorial Trust
“I am writing to tell you how grateful we are for the very professional help you gave our charitable trust in rebranding itself. Discussions with you, followed by your written proposal, enabled us to clarify exactly whom we want our website to attract, the image we want it to project to them and the information it needs to convey. All this fed in to a new website which is doing exactly what we wanted. It is both beautiful and informative, and the improved footfall it now attracts makes it clear that it works. Thank you so much for what you enabled us to achieve.”

Rachel Douglas 
Chair, Rowan Armour Brown Memorial Trust



Tania Clarke Hall, Leather Jewellery Designer
“Emma swiftly teased out valuable details about my work from several perspectives, such as how my work looks on a moving body. I felt that her use of language was inventive and well crafted, which matched my own approach to my work; she was a pleasure to work with.”

Tania Clarke Hall



David Marques, Ceramic Artists
“I have worked with Emma on several occasions. I really enjoy working with her, she’s dedicated, responsive, reliable and very professional. As a creative person and non-native speaker, finding the right words and using the right tone to describe my work and practice can be challenging. It’s better for me to focus on my creative side and let Emma be in charge of that part. She can turn anything complex into something easy and exciting to read and it’s perfect on the first draft already. Emma is a real asset for my practice, I highly recommend her.”

David Marques



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